Latest Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh 2018

The idea behind mobile phones began well over a century ago with the first handheld transceiver being launched around 1940 during World War II. With the pace being set, mobile phones have developed further to accommodate the automatic and pervasive use of both data and voice calls. With the physical nature of phones reaching its optimum development, competition has risen on factors such as speed and its in-built architecture. With these new changes, users are able to shift from the traditional concept of just texting and calling to a more diverse and revolutionary method of video calling, surfing on the internet.

With competition being based on in-built architecture, it is no longer a matter of if but a matter of when. Everything that has a beginning will surely have an end, and with that the end of the smartphone era is near and with it, we are left to wonder what will be next? Most developers have argued that futuristic smartphones will come with enormous features that will differentiate a decade of traditional phones and the new devices. Among the features we should expect are

  • Augmented reality

This concept simply means what we can perceive through our senses. This will mean what we can see and sense in reality will be possible through these devices. You can launch your camera and you will have access to every information regarding that place.

  • Flexible screens

Though currently present with the Samsung edge, the incoming flexible screen in iPhone will outdo the Samsung’s OLED in the fact that it will be extremely thin and will allow users to bend it from one corner to another.

  • 3D invisible screens

This will be the epitome of a great invention. This seems next to impossible but if you get to think of every invention, people thought it was impossible until it came to be years later. The first version of an invisible screen was witnessed in turkey by an inventor by the name Celal Goger.  Though it seems incomplete, a few years from now it will be possible to have invisible phones. This will define the evolution of smartphones.


Bangladesh is considered one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets and it is projected that by end of 2018 the industry will grow by 70%. Considering the new roll out of both 3G and 4G internet there is a substantial market that cannot be ignored. Mobiledokan is one of the companies that is taking advantage of the e-commerce world. First launched in March of 2013 as a mobile phone price database, it has grown to accommodate laptops and trendy devices. With over 10 workers, Mobiledokan has grown to accommodate reviews from trendy smartphone devices from big companies such as Huawei, Nokia, Samsung and many more. With most Chinese companies taking advantage of the gullible population, an overseer was needed. To fill this void Mobiledokan started enlightening users on incoming devices and the prices that they should expect. This has eliminated users from purchasing knock-off products.

One of the most standout features for using this website is that they provide users with honest reviews on each product that is present on their page. Additionally, they give a product description of every product while projecting the price of every product. One thing that you will love while using this website is the fact they review products that are yet to launch in Bangladesh. With most devices being bought online, the reviews will clearly be a plus when looking for a product. This will clearly explain to the user what to expect and possibly what challenges and solutions other users have experienced. It is noteworthy that they have come up with a rating system where after reviewing each product they give an overall rate which will guide you before purchasing a product.


The key to success for any business lies with the knowledge of any market. Unlike European markets where they rely on vlogging and video product reviews, most Asian and African markets do well through website reviews. This can be explained by the fact that it is a bit expensive installing fast internet and not everybody among the population is connected. With one of their development goals being to increase internet connectivity, Bangladesh citizens will start enjoying credit loans from Bank Asia to purchase phones. Though this offer is only valid to Robi operators, it will greatly boost internet reach among citizens.

With the staggering statistics that e-commerce will increase by 70% in Bangladesh, Mobilemaya has taken advantage of these projections to give users a description of all handsets that are available in the market. Being a product review and price database that is based in Bangladesh, it has shifted most of the traditional way of visiting shops to inquire on different specifications. Mobilemaya is relatively uncommon when compared with Mobiledokan, this can be attributed to the number of factors such as the number of traffic it receives, its rank domain and the website’s worth. Though not common, this website serves as a good hub for product descriptions, reviews and prices. It was first launched in August of 2009 as a product review and a price range website, over the years it has enjoyed massive following, it has also increased the number of mobile phones that it reviews.

Apart from getting an honest product description and a review, this website also allows users to compare 2 handset devices while including projected prices where they carefully categorize specifications against each other thereby giving honest reviews of any product. For instance, you can compare symphony V96 to any phone in the market. One of the most outstanding of using this website is that it is interactive where users can leave a comment or even ask a question and by the end of the day they will have a reply. Additionally, most users will enjoy their user-friendly website. With most websites requiring users to register to use their website, Mobilemaya is free to any interested person, and the most beautiful thing about it is that you can filter their products based on brand or price. Pretty cool right!

Bangladesh is a developing country in South Asia. Day by day our country people are increasing their technical knowledge. In time our country 55-65% people are using the smartphone. Because using the smartphone they can know more knowledge, they recognize new technology, new culture. Most of the Bangladeshi people using the social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Whats app etc. So now our country peoples are too smart using the smartphone. When DR. Martin Kuper was made fast mobile phone he can’t know how much popular of this invention. Now mobile phone is too popular around the world, people can’t live without the smartphone. The smartphone is too essential part of man life. So we share our site mobile phone price, mobile phone specification. We always tried to provide latest price update for authorized dealers. Our country has no Motorola, Blackberry, OnePlus, Lenovo official showroom, so we collect this phone price from online so the sometimes the price is not matched. But we always provide 99% correct specification.

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mobileBAZER.COM always tries to provide latest update price from the showroom or local mobile market or authorized dealers. We collect mobile price from some popular local more real shops and update the prices. We suggest before buying the smartphone you much checked the official website because sometimes they increase or decrease their products price. So we recommend all before brought any smartphone you must check local shop.

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A – We tried to share 100% correct information for our visitor, but some time mobile phone company decrease phone price then we update our website.

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A – We use Google Adsense.

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