Walton Mobile

Walton Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Walton is a Bangladeshi brand which produces different type electronic such as air conditioning, LED TV, washing machine, motorcycle, rice cooker, oven etc. Its headquarters stands Dhaka City and the main factory stands Gazipur. Walton Group was established 1977, In 2000 they fast introduced electronic and automobile business. When android smartphone is too popular and day by day increased its demand, So Walton came there fast Android OS Smartphone Primo. Since then they never looked back. Walton improved their Smartphone production and quality.

What Bangladeshi People love/choose Walton Mobile?

Bangladesh is a developing country so our country most of the peoples are bourgeoisie. So Walton mobile always gives low prices smartphone but high/medium features such as good camera, nice quality display, network etc. This brand is the too popular younger generation, students, small job holders who can’t afford to have a very high price device but who do wish to own a high-quality smartphone.

A few years ago they come their fast android smartphone Walton primo, and day by day Walton smartphones are popular. They are among the top 3 brands in Bangladesh in terms of sales.