Symphony Mobile

Price– 8,390/Price – 9,490/-Price – 15,990/-Price – 4,390/-
 Symphony iNova SYMTAB 60Symphony Z10Symphony v90
Price Price – 2,900/-Price – 7,590/-Price -3,190/-
 Symphony i60Symphony G20Symphony i10 PlusSymphony E82
Price3,890/- Price – 12,990/-Price – 13,990/-  Price – 21,990/-
Symphony V42Symphony P9Symphony Z9Helio S25
Price – 2,890/-Price – 6,790/-Price -13,990/-Price – 5,490/-
Symphony E62 Symphony i25Symphony ZVIIISymphony V110
Price -3,090/-Price – 10,900/-Price – 7,390/-Price – 6,590/-
 Symphony E80 Symphony R100 Symphony R20 Symphony i20
Price – 7,590/-Price – 12,490/-Price – 8,990/-Price –  2,790/-
 Symphony i50Xplorer Z7Xplorer P7Xplorer E58
Price – 6,990/-Price – 9,990/-Price – 3,990/-Price – 9,990/-
 Xplorer H120 Xplorer H175 Xplorer V46Xplorer H400 
Price – 6,990/-Price -5,990/-Price – 9.190/-Price – Market Out
Symphony i10Xplorer V52Xplorer H250Xplorer E55
Price – 8,390/-Symphony Xplorer ZV ProPrice – Market OutPrice -4,890/-Price – 5,590/-
Studio 50Xplorer ZV ProXplorer V45Xplorer V52
Price – 14,490/-Price -Market OutPrice – 3,390/-Price – 2,740/-
Helio S1Xplorer E76Xplorer E60Xplorer E10
Price – 2090/-Price – Market OutPrice -7,790/-Price – 11,900/-
Xplorer E5Xplorer V40Xplorer P6Xplorer ZVI
Price – Market OutPrice – 10,490/-Price – 5,390/-Price – 6,290/-
Xplorer M1Xplorer T8 ProXplorer V50Xplorer V80
Price – Market OutPrice – 3,990/-Price – Market OutPrice – Market Out
Xplorer E75Xplorer V30Road V25Xplorer V70
Price – Market OutPrice – Market OutPrice – 7,990/-Price – Market Out
Xplorer H150Xplorer V60Xplorer H200Xplorer ZV
Price – Market OutPrice – Market OutPrice –  Market OutPrice – Market Out
Xplorer E50Road A50Xplorer H20Xplorer W75
Price – Market OutPrice – Market OutPrice – Market OutPrice – Market Out
Go Fox G15Xplorer H50Xplorer W19Xplorer W21 3G
Price – Market Out
Xplorer W175Xplorer p5

Symphony Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Symphony Mobile History

Symphony mobile is a leading smartphone company in Bangladesh. In the Bangladesh, most of the peoples use symphony mobile because of low price and better service. Symphony mobile was run 2010. This company mainly rebrand chines smartphone. In 2012 they were fast launched android smartphone Symphony W20, its gets more popularity . This company import mobile phone and mobile phone accessories from china. Most of the smartphones come from china. Symphony android device is also too popular in Bangladesh, not symphony has 64 bit LTE supported smartphone.The Fast time they import only multimedia device but now they import all kinds smartphone and smartphone accessories such as power banks, chargers, memory cards etc. Noy they supply 3 types mobile

  • Ordinarily multimedia phone.
  • Java supported the phone.
  • Android phone.

If your budget is low but you need more features smartphone, then you can buy symphony mobile. Because most of the symphony smartphones price is under 10K. A few days ago they released their new fingerprint smartphones, Symphony H400 and Symphony i50. This device price is mid-range. So if you like fingerprint device you can be brought it.Pros and Cons of Symphony Mobile –Every smartphone has some drawbacks. Such as Apple iPhone is too good but high price. However today I share some pros and cons of symphony mobile. It is collected from symphony smartphone users. We never share our personal opinion.

Symphony Mobile Pros

  • Most of the phones are easy user interface so any people can operate it.
  • Affordable price.
  • They have more authorized dealers so you can get easy customer service.

Symphony Mobile Cons –

  • When you used it for the long time, such as you playing the game or browsing the internet then this device is hot.
  • Fast battery drain problem, but now they released some new smartphone its has the more powerful battery.
  • Warranty service problems, if your device is damaged and you go, customer, care its need for a long time to fix this device.

Why You Choose Symphony Smartphone:-

Symphony smartphone is the local Bangladeshi mobile phone brand. They also familiar make with an affordable mobile phone in Bangladesh. Currently, on Bangladesh, about 20 million people use symphony mobile.  So, this brand is too much popular in Bangladesh due to price, features and well performance. Symphony feature phone is very much popular in Bangladesh, due to in Bangladesh most of the people are poor, so they can’t buy the smartphone. So symphony is their first choise.

Symphony also produces good smartphone, such as Symphony Z10, Helio 10 is a pretty well smartphone in Bangladesh. They always provide the best smartphone at the affordable price.