Maximus Aura 88Price – 7,390/-Maximus Aura 77Price – 6,999/-Maximus Vjoy PlusPrice – 3,715/-
 Maximus Aura 88 Maximus Aura 77Maximus Vjoy Plus
Maximus Vjoy RainbowPrice -3,275/-Maximus i CubePrice – 5,399/-Maximus iX KanePrice – 13,999/-Maximus iX HexaPrice – 8,990/-
 Maximus Vjoy RainbowMaximus i Cube Maximus iX KaneMaximus iX Hexa
Maximus iXPrice – 9,600/-Maximus IX UFOPrice – 9,999/-Maximus iXPrice – 6,770/-Maximus Max405Price – 4,699/-
Maximus iXMaximus IX UFOMaximus 908 QuadMaximus Max405
Maximus-Max404Price – 7,000/-Maximus Max401Price – 4,650/-Maximus Max 402Price – 4,800/-Maximus MAX403Price – 4,865/-
Maximus Max404Maximus Max401Maximus Max 402Maximus Max 403
maximus max911Price – 7,500/-maximus max400Price – 5,500/-maximus max 300Price – 6,200/-MAXIMUS MAX12Price
Maximus Max911Maximus Max400Maximus Max300Maximus Max12
maximus-max-990Price – 7,500/-maximus-max-990Price maximus-max-906Price Maximus-Max-907Price
Maximus Max991Maximus Max990Maximus Max906Maximus Max907
maximus-max908Price maximus-max980Price Maximus-MAX950Price Maximus-Max-903-price-Bangladesh1-230x300Price
Maximus Max908Maximus Max980Maximus MAX950Maximus Max903

The Smartphone market is ever progressive in our country. So the smartphone companies are also enlarge their business. Althought the name Maximus can be new to us but this company is not new.