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So now I start a short brief about shadow fight.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk

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Shadow fight 2 is a ninja game that is a fusion of action and RPG gameplay perfect for the touchscreen.
Being the sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit, this game is developed by Nekki and is now one of the top grossing games on google play with 4.6 rating and around 100 million downloads. Once you get into this game, you are entirely immersed in it and you want to keep fighting and defeat bosses.


Shadow Fight is a most vial of popular android fighting game. The game already released 3 version, shadow fight, shadow fight 2, shadow fight 3. This game graphics and gameplay story is awesome. This game design and develop by Nekki. Nekki is a Russian game developer studio and they are famous for developing the game as vector and shadow fight series. Shadow fight game was fast released October May1st, 2014, on both iOS and Android platforms. This game is also released in Windows 8 and 8.1. It’s a free game, so you can easily test it.

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Shadow Fight GAMEPLAY

Talking about it, the game starts with a nice cinematic trailer every time you open it. The control system in Shadow Fight 2 gives you a steering stick on the left with controls for punching and kicking on the right. But it’s the combinations of directions and types of attack that give you different moves. You can do kicks and slashes, double jumps, double punches and what not.


Being a single mode player game, your character shadow is highlighted once you start playing the game. You need to earn enough coins to defeat opponents present at each level to move on to the next. There are few modes of the game;
Timed duels, meaning that upon accomplishment of the said duel, you have to wait for a timer to count down until engaging in the next duel.
The tournament, where you more or less have to defeat a chain of increasingly tricky “characters” or more shadow opponents. Kill one move on to the next, but level up first.
Survival mode, which allows you to win coins from which you can buy different armors to win tournaments.


Shadow fight 2 has very easy to use controls and excellent graphics. The notable part is that the graphics style of using shadows is accompanied by something wonderful: smooth animations. The animation and tricks are realistically depicted based on real to life contest forms and martial techniques. In addition to fists and feet, arms animations are fluid and lethal.


The sound effects are a mixture of stock whacks and punches, which one would expect from such a name. The soundtrack is a fusion of old-style Eastern instrument and pouring electric guitar tunes attempting to build strain during the clash. The music reminds you of Mortal Kombat II, and that’s never a bad thing.

In-App Purchases

Like any other game, Shadow fight two also allows In-app purchases. But some exciting and powerful weapons can only be acquired with premium acquisitions, thus making them exclusively available to only those who pay cash.

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On the Google Play shadow fight 2 successfully complete 100 million download milestone. Every single occasion such as Halloween, New year Nekki was tried to release the new version of shadow fight game.Which features make this game unique and popular. We tried to find it.

  • Fast of all this game story is unique.
  • Unique and memorable fight scenes.
  • Realistic implementation and Addiction gameplay
  • Real life movements.
  • Superb gameplay control of the new system with touchscreen interface.
  • You can customize your fighter, so you can use different clothes, weapons, magic power etc.

and lots of, when you play shadow fight 2 then you can realize it.


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Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk is an individual experience, which aims to trap the solo player into a pay-to-play system. This game points to the use of precise controls and strategy. Without it, the player finds it difficult to win against the opponent, and I guess that is what makes it exciting and challenging.