Walton Mobile


Price – walton s4 Price – 11,900/-WALTON RM2
 Walton S4 Walton RM2
 Price – 7,990/-Walton Walpad C  Price – 5,990/-Walton Primo F6 Price – 6,390/-Walton Primo EF3 Price – 4,490/-
Walton Primo EM
 Walpad C  Walton F6 Walton EF3 Walton EM
Price – 9,990/-Walton Primo RH2 Price – 5,990/-Walton Primo E4+ Price – 13,990/-Walton Primo RX3 Price – 4,950/-Walton Primo E5
 Walton RH2  Walton E4+  Walton RX3  Walton E5
Price – 5,490/- WALTON E4  Price – 8,690/- TKWalton Primo HM mini  Price – walpad pro Price – 10,790/- walton primo rm
 Walton E4  Walton HM Mini  Walpad Pro  Walton RM
Price – 14,490/-Walton Primo NX2 Price – 8,790/- Walton Primo NF+ Price – 6,990/- Walton Primo F5 Price-13,690/- Walton Primo RH
 Walton NX2  Walton NF+  Walton F5 Walton RH
Price – 8,990/- Walton Primo GM Mini Price – 7,290/- Walton Primo GF2 Price – 24,490/-Walton Primo Z Price – 6,590/- Walton Primo EF2
Walton GM mini Walton GF2 Walton Z Walton EF2
Price -11,990/-Walton Walpad 5 Price – 17,990/- Walton Walpad 8X Price – 22,990/- WALTON WALPAD 10X Price – 19,990/-WALTON X3 MINI
Walpad G Walpad 8x Walpad 10x Walton X3 mini
Price – 8.990/-Walton Primo G5 Price – 15,390/-Walton Primo S3 Price – 10,990/-Walton GH3 Price – 14,990/-Walton Primo M
Walton G5 Walton S3 Walton GH3 Walpad M
Price – 3,690/- Walton C3 Price – 5,490/- Walton Primo E3 Price -23,990/-WALTON X3
Price – 13,990/- walton rx2
 Primo C3  Primo E3  Primo X3  Primo RX2
 Price – 6,790/- primo f4 Price – 11,690/- walton primo r3 Price – 8,890/-primo nf  Price – 10,590/- primo gh
Primo F4 Primo R3 Primo NF  Primo GH Plus
Price – 6,490/- primo ef Price – 11,590/- Walton r2 Price – 9,290/-walton gh2 pic Price –11,490/- WALTON H3
Primo EF Primo HM Primo GH2 Primo H3
Price – 22,900/-WALTON V1 Price – 18,990/- WALTON S2 Price – 15,990/-walton walpad 8b Price – 30,900/- walton primo zx
Primo V1  Primo S2 Walpad 8B Primo ZX
Price – 8,090/- walton-primo-gf Price 4,990/-walton-primo-e1 Price – 4,290/-D4-Gallery Price – 5,490/- WALTON E2
Primo GF Primo E1 Primo D4 Primo E2
Price -9,990/-WALTON-PRIMO-GH-96x150 Price – 4090/- walton-d3-94x150 Price – 15,990/-WALTON-PRIMO-RX1-93x150 Price – 15990/-walton-walpad-8-145x150
Primo GH Primo D3 Primo RX Walpad 8w
 Price – 12,190/-walton-primo-n-154x150 Price – 8,990/- WALTON G4 Price – 7,490/-walton-primo-f3i Price -16,490 /– Primo S1
Primo N Primo G4  Primo F3i Primo S1
Price – 8190/-walon-primo-f3-136x150 Price – 17990/-walton-x2-mini-78x150 Price – 4,150/-phone_model_3031-117x150 Price – 3,690/-Walton-Primo-C1-117x150
Primo F3 Primo X2 mini Primo D2  Primo C2
Price – 6990/-TKwalton-primo-f2-95x150 Price – 14990/- Price – 23990/-walton-x2 Price -14990/-
Primo F2  Primo Walpad 7  Primo X2    Primo R2

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Walton Primo Mobile / Smartphone Walton launch there fast primo smartphone 2011 and day by Walton smartphone are popular . Walton mobile coming very low and medium price android smartphone. The android devices from this brand is called the primo series. The primo series is not only providing newest version of android devices is a very affordable price but high quality camera, processor, display, network and other hardware function. So they became the top choice especially for the young generation , student or small job or small business man. Who can,t afford to have a very high price device but has a lot of passion for a high quality focused Symphony mobile also targeted the same group of people and are also high popular there non smartphone.

Walton Mobile Cons 

As everything else in the world,  Walton mobile also have some weak side. The major one seems like that many device become hot after using internet or playing games , using apps for long time 30-1 hours. So it is suggested to take this issue in consideration for few of their model especially if your are a hardcore apps on net user.

Why people choose Walton Mobile 

Walton Smartphone are so popular in Bangladesh . Because Walton smartphone quality like Samsung, HTC brand. Walton release there new Flagship smartphone Walton Primo ZX. It,s fail Samsung galaxy note 3 benchmark. Primo ZX have 16MP camera, 2.2 GHz Quad Core processor, 5.5 inches HD display and more awesome spspecification .

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